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Your Source for Educational Dramatic Literature and Stage Play Licensing


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How would the future look like when today’s youth have learned about leading a responsible life? Mentoring Through the Arts in Prince George’s County, Maryland can help you shape young people’s minds through our socially relevant and provocative stage plays.

We hope to combine your theatrical and educational efforts with our dramatic plays that deal with crises affecting young adults in high school and college campuses. Our company provides educational dramatic literature and stage play licensing that school leaders can use to encourage students to do the right thing.

Mentoring Through the Arts introduces “Don’t Lose Your Head,” our newly launched play from the Raising Consciousness Stage Play Collection. Written by crisis dramatist/playwright, Phyllis Helene, this play tackles the biggest problem young adults are facing today—that is, the lack of understanding of the power of choice.

 You can purchase an e-book copy of two of Phyllis’ plays for the teens and young adults you love by clicking on the following links.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Understanding Your Fragrance of Life

This is a play telling the story of high school seniors who learn the hard way that drinking and driving can cause someone to lose their head. Veronica Wayne and her friends struggle to deal with the emotional residue left after a tragic accident due to drinking and driving. Everything changed in a blink of an eye, as one fun-filled moment plunged everyone into a night of unspeakable horror.

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Who Else Wants Young Adults to Stand on Excellence?

Our company is based on the belief that young adults must learn that they are responsible for their choices. We welcome the opportunity to communicate with young adults via our “Raising Consciousness” tele-seminars with licensed counselors on the panel during our literary club discussions of the plays in the series starting in the fall of 2020.

Kindly host a Don't Lose Your Head or Fragrance of Life luncheon or dinner for the young adults in your Life. Answer the questions in the back of the play to assist in dialogue. (“Don't Lose Your Head” is the revision with additional scenes and a new character.)

We hope this literary play series echoes loud and clear in the souls of young adults to be conscious of their choice. Let us lovingly help our youth raise their consciousness to a higher level. Join us in enlightening the youth that drinking and driving can hurt the community as well as humanity.

To the Young Adults

Please understand that you can get into something that takes 15 minutes, which can take you 15 years or a lifetime to get out of. Drinking and driving is not an option!

Three Powerful Reasons You Should Invest in the Licensing of These Plays on Your Educational Theatrical Stage

  1. These plays do not PACIFY the actions of young adults. Drinking and driving KILLS.
  2. These plays communicate the importance of the "POWER OF CHOICE."
  3. These plays punch you in the gut with Consequences. It is a literary tool that will help ignite the moral compass.

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